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The Community Cold Storage & Kitchen (CCS&K) will sell space, time, services, branding and market support for specialized products in an intelligent state-of-the-art DEC approved seafood processing facility and certified kitchen where local subsistence hunters, fishers and gatherers can process, package and value-add their harvests alongside commercial fishers who want to increase the quality of their traditional foods and/or direct-market their seafoods.

The first CCS&K will be based in Cordova, Alaska, and is home to the world-famous wild Copper River salmon. The CCS&K facility will help build community, camaraderie and sharing amongst user groups, while creating space to teach and educate community members and fisher’s about how best to handle, harvest and prepare our natural food resources. The CCS&K food sovereignty, food security and direct-marketing programs will help affected coastal fishing communities deal with ocean rise and acidification issues during these climate changing times, and is envisioned to become a worldwide phenomenon.